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March 23rd, 2010’s First Songsmith Night

One week ago on Tuesday night,, Doak Turner’s Nashville Muse, and World Music Nashville sponsored the first Songsmith Night for all songwriters, musicians, and interested parties who live the dream in Nashville. The event was a huge success.

The main speaker was Odie Blackmon, hit writer of “She’ll Leave You With a Smile” (George Strait) and “I May Hate Myself In The Morning” (Lea Ann Womack). Odie said it all just right. He shared some of the most helpful, down-to-earth insights into the craft and the path that I’ve heard in a while. In addition, Odie listened to a few songs of the writers present at the event. This was done lottery style, with names divided into several categories of time spent in Nashville. Only those who wanted to sing were asked to sign up. Odie was very generous and encouraging.

I recommend that every one with an interest in or in the process of becoming working songwriters to go to, the dream child of Doak Turner and Will Carter (a fantastically cool guy, by the way). Also a big thank you to Larry Faragalli and Dave Johnson for making this happen from the World Music Nashville side. If you can when in Nashville, stop by World Music Nashville in Bellevue, and say hello.

Keep writing. – Rory


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